Monday, November 15, 2010

The Amazing Race S17E08 - Farewell Gary and Mallory

I assumed that because of the searching the lanterns for a ring task, which is pretty much random in outcome, this would be a non-elimination leg, and I was sadly wrong.
Of course, that is not why Gary and Mallory lost.
I will miss them both, especially Mallory, with her constant "Gee! Wow!" approach to every new place she has to go. On the other hand, the "Hail Mary full of Grace" did rather little to help her cause.
At this point I really want either Nat and Kat or Brook and Claire to win. I am amazed that the cavilling male/female pairs are still in this. On the other hand Chad did rather knock my socks off in this leg by proposing to Stephanie; it was rather sweet, and it IS true that as presented on screen, they do seem to be learning some mutual trust, which seemed pretty absent at the start.
I must say I had no idea Oman was so dramatic a place. Those Omanese goats are so pretty.
I am beginning to think that in another life my dream job would to be a producer on this show.


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