Friday, November 12, 2010

The Comedy that is Canada

Its quintessence is wonderfully distilled in this hilarious story about the apparent loon who wants to be Dean of Law at the University of Windsor.
Far from a conspiracy of old white men, the school says these negative opinions of Prof. Carasco represent the majority of a search committee composed of six women, “four persons of racialized origins,” one person with a disability, a female Superior Court judge, and a non-voting equity assessor who is African Canadian, and later judged the process to be “excellent” in terms of fairness to minority candidates.
This ludicrous sentence, not the author's fault, rather reality's fault, reflects so much of what is utterly wrong in today's Canada.
Women are presumed to be better judges of candidate quality than men, it seems. Arrant nonsense. And then persons of 'racialized origins' - I have some of that moxie, too, and it is part of why summer stresses me; having a background genetically built from Scandinavians and the Great British, I find the sun a bit difficult, but can process milk flawlessly; that is pretty racialized. However I suspect there is an institutionally approved definition of 'racialized' that means you are actually adapted to the sun quite nicely, and may be lactose-intolerant. And it is nice to see that disabled people get more credit than whitey. And there is an equity assessor! How do I get that job? Oh - I likely have to have darker skin and an approved racialized background.
What a farce.
The story makes it clear this person should not be elected dog-catcher. But what astonishing idiocies stand between such a simple conclusion and the processes our asinine government has put in place!


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