Sunday, November 14, 2010

Competing UVics

Persephone introduces me to yet another new art form, the lipdub. Regular readers will know that she introduced me to the world of literal videos (perhaps a bit more on that below). These lipdubs are exhilirating and joyful, and I have got a lot of pleasure recently watching various among them.
Now I had seen passages of the Canadian video before, but did not really understand that this was a piece of a competitive industry. Here's the Canadian UVic video that makes Persephone nostalgic about her schooldays:

Now this was explicitly pointed at a previous effort from the Universitat de Vic in Catalonia, which I think is much better in fact:

This one has much better visual jokes, and kicks off with a brilliant use of a mirror.
But for integration of the music and lyrics with what the camera is seeing, by far the best I have seen is the one from Orientation Week at the Université de Quebec à Montréal.

The latter two also have `making of` videos on YouTube, which are quite entertaining, as well.
Campuses are featuring much more constructive activity than they did 40-odd years ago, when I was on them. Quebec and Catalonia seem the hotbeds of this creativity.
As for literal videos, I stumbled over this piece of genius, to a song I always rather liked back in its time. And of course the Canadian connection makes it more fun.


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