Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DWTS - People Must Really Like Bristol Palin

I am pretty sure my face looked like Derek Hough's at the end of DWTS when it was announced that Bristol Palin is into next week's finals. One of the joys of live television is that such expressions of total astonishment might not get edited away (though I suspect ABC was hoping for such a response, as they knew who had advanced). Eight weeks in a row of finishing at the bottom of the judges' scores, and advancing eaxh week!
Now I can see why viewers would like the relationship she has built with her partner, and the way her personality has been working its way out of its shell, but I don't think I could have cast a ballot for her over Brandy and Maks.
I had hoped for a final showdown between Brandy and Jennifer Grey, but I will say that Kyle has been a surprising and delightful development and next week should be fun.


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