Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Please! No Vision

I was working in IBM in the worst of its times in the early 1990s, when Lou Gerstner became the CEO. He immediately made clear to the world that he was not very interested in 'vision'
So it was interesting to read this piece by Rick McGinnis, yet another one of those creative class guys (he might even have been super like me, and lives closer to the Annex), on why he voted for Rob Ford.
What Ford clearly lacks is eloquence, and for that I’m grateful. Vision is given wings by eloquence, and history is full of poor ideas given inadequate criticism thanks to a carapace of pretty words. We’re long overdue for a debate over what government should and should not provide, and what our own city can and cannot afford, and since that debate will be harsh and uncivil at times, I have no problem with my choice for mayor.
For the first time in decades, municipal government looks like it’s going to be interesting, and voter turnout in this election – higher than it has been since the city was amalgamated – suggests that voters agree. Rob Ford might say some rude or even silly things in the next four years, but I’m certain he won’t be trying to sell me his vision.
Amen. Miller convinced himself it was important for him to fly all over the world fretting about our carbon footprints (not his). That is just one egregious example of the temptation that believing you have a vision creates. Please - no more in my lifetime!
h/t BCF (and please go over there and send him some money in his free speech battle).


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