Monday, November 22, 2010

That So-Called Student

As I watched the latest awesome Chris Christie performance, it crossed my mind to wonder what the real content of the University of Waterloo's apology to Christie Blatchford was. As an example it seemed to me obvious that the student who was the centre of the activity should have been suspended by the University.
Well, the National Post was ahead of me on this one, and I feel a bit sorry for the University, as this guy is clearly one of those goofs that hangs around a campus in some vague state.
Mr. Kellar said he and Prof. Scott "parted ways as I did not wish to work in climate change adaptation or mitigation research as I felt it was not critical of the role of transnational and neoliberal capitalism in the perpetuation of global ecological shifts."
He said he has a meeting with the dean at Waterloo on Monday, and he expects to have a "rousing debate," although he has a pessimistic view of university life in general.
"With the university turned to a degree mill through continuing neoliberalization, knowledge has become appreciated only when it can be commodified," he said.
"Most students are not there to learn, they are there so they may become acceptable to the capitalist system by receiving a piece of paper which gives them the privilege of accessing sectors that those without that paper can not."
Waterloo needs to block this clown from the campus forever, and if they can find a time machine, send him back to the sixties where he belongs. If any University can do that, I think Waterloo can! (I am an alumnus and also a former faculty member there.)
BTW Rex Murphy is very temperate in reviewing the utterly awful failure of UW to do its job.


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