Saturday, November 20, 2010

On the Road Again

I spent last week in Ottawa again visiting my mother. When the weather is friendly, I love the drive, joining Highway 7 at Peterborough and wandering through Norwood, Havelock, Marmora, Perth, and Richmond (yes, I have left Hwy 7 there).
One challenge on that route is finding a nice place to get some food. In the past I have stopped at the Marmora Valu-Mart and picked up a sandwich and a chocolate milk.
But there is now an alternative not far before (or after, if westbound) you hit Perth.
Fall River Espresso served me a wonderful breakfast sandwich and cafe latte yesterday! And the pecan tart I took for the road vanished in a wave of pleasure today!
If this is a route you drive I suggest marking this as a stop. It is now a 'favorite' in my GPS.


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