Saturday, November 20, 2010

John Nolte on PDS and DWTS

He finds some real dimwittedness and reports it here.
I particularly like:
These two transparently dishonest concern trolls have inspired me to do something I’ve never even considered before. Not only am I going to watch the next episode of DWTS, I’m gonna vote like a deceased, ACORN-loving Democrat from Chicago. Then afterwards, I’m gonna drive to Wal-Mart while eating a cheeseburger in my gas guzzler to buy Sarah Palin’s new book as my DVR records ”Sarah Palin’s Alaska” so I can watch it later on my now outlawed-in-California plasma TV with the air conditioner set on KILL THE PLANET.
These people are wicked. They can’t even allow a young woman to have a little fun without doing everything in their power to publicly undermine and humiliate her. As I’ve said before, I may join them in Hell, but I’ll have better living quarters.
And the Left starts writing columns about how a Bristol Palin win will cause bullying in 5… 4… 3… 2….
Can I get a Team Bristol?
I've been in love with Jennifer Grey for a long time, long before her nose job (and by the way I cannot stand the movie 'Dirty Dancing'), but GO BRISTOL!
DWTS has three apparently very pleasant celebrities in its final. This would not have been the case with another outcome from last week.


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