Thursday, July 21, 2005

At Last - true Silliness

Top media items on the morning news
1) a tunnel has been found leading from a city in British Columbia under the border, with the purpose being to smuggle drugs. Supposedly, according to the broadcast on CTV, 'residents are amazed'. These residents don't seem to have a very firm grasp of incentives; Canada has been wrestling for years trying to find ways to make marijuana easily available to its citizens. The US government maintains its war on drugs. (The silliness is the claim of amazement.)
Amusingly, it seems the US has been on top of this one for months. And I am happy, as this seems a nice way to export more sinister products.
2) there is major national hand-wringing going on because of a US initiative to extend Daylight Saving Time. The hand-wringing is of course a proof of our independence. (And the hand-wringing is the silliness here.) But to be honest, we had better step in line quickly if this happens, as I don't see anyone's independence as worth the pain of having different transition dates.


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Optimus Prime said...


The Canadian Authorities alerted your DEA of the tunnel....

dont let your American Propaganda fool you into beleiving that canadians are all pot smoking hippies...


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