Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stranger in a strange land

My gosh, why would someone in a lovely old town like York in Yorkshire go to a Starbucks's?
Air-conditioning on yet another tropical Yorkshire day, quick efficient service, coffee to taste, Ella Fitzgerald on the sound system, and a TMobile HotSpot. The latter is a draw, though I hope the Europeans start to figure out that free wireless is a bigger draw - we just need one company to get this to fix the current problem. Of course, its competitive advantage from free wireless may suffer until it gets the rest of the above right.
And now the worst - there is no signal here! Appeals to the staff seem not very fruitful; they seem to think it is all masterfully controlled from TMobile HQ. Well, clearly not so masterfully. No signal here.

UPDATE: I complained, as it turned out, to Katie. She spent ten minutes calling tmobile to sort it out and rebooted the local box. Finally she found a nearby Starbuck's for me to go to, refunding my coffee in the process. Now I am connected, and sitting in a sumptuous chair, and listening to John Fogerty singing 'Centerfield'. Not a bad trade.

I know why I look for these places rather than the local places that serve bad coffee and have no amenities.

UPDATE: Hmmm. Maybe not. Connection was flaky. I am not a fan of t-mobile at the moment.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger rondi said...

From Jerusalem, I say, hi! Tomorrow we are going to Gaza. Don't tell mum!


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