Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Never far from the action

I spent today out in the tropical (28 degrees Centigrade) Yorkshire countryside at a country fair (not a small one), and what do I get on the local radio driving back into Leeds! West Yorkshire Police are sweeping large parts of Leeds as part of the London bombing investigations. Details and confirmation are to come later, but this sounds like much more than the recent controlled explosions of packages that have occurred over the last couple of days in Leeds and Bradford (old textile town nearby) - more than the newly found routine zeal with which citizens are identifying unaccompanied packages and police are blowing them up..
This is not wildly surprising. Leeds/Bradford has an enormous Asian population, and our past visits to the area (almost annual for some years now) have at least a couple of times been timed near to major riots in one or the other town.


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