Monday, July 11, 2005

Globalization? of what?

I rmeain unconvinced that all our separate cultures (whatever you take the word to mean) are on a path to merging in one pudding.
Mazda is advertising cars in both Austria and the UK.
The Austrian/German ad we saw repeated to near distraction runs something like this. A young guy has his Mazda, which he is using to transport mannequins to some fashion show. He loads them into the back of the car, in sitting positions. Then he drives off - on the way, he accelerates, shifting gears and hitting the gas, in a way to make any male viewer feel like a race car driver. As he does this, one of the mannequins' arms drops and pulls her skirt up (they are semi-dressed). He arrives, and lifts her out of the car, and as he turns to start carrying her to her destination he notices that her nipples have significantly tumesced.
The UK ad, which I saw last night, features a dog sniffing attentively around the wheels of a parked Mazda. When the dog arrives at the front driver's side wheel, he lifts his leg and pees on it. Immediately a small outlet opens at the side of the car by the headlights and sprays a liquid on the dog, which jumps back startled. That's it.
I do not even want to speculate on what German/Austrian focus groups reveal men in that culture want from their cars. But is is clear Mazda thinks Brits want a cheeky little vehicle.
For more on nipples and culture, check out this post from The Eclectic Econoclast.


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