Friday, July 08, 2005


I saw him on the news last night but had not realized he was in London yesterday - and near the first bomb explosion, as apparently was Benjamin Netanyahu.
Wonderfully, Giuliani has a letter this morning in the Times - you can read it here.
One comment had me wondering:
Of course, Great Britain lost many people in the September 11 attacks as well, which reminds us that the citizens of free nations are linked in the modern world.
This is a point I can often easily forget, but I imagine more UK citizens were murdered in the World Trade Center than were yesterday. One can perhaps try to take some sense of consolation in the apparent growing impotence of the attacks we are facing. Unfortunately this is likely to ratchet the level of desperation and extremity upwards.

UPDATE: Giuliani just appeared on GMTV. He said "Come to London, ride the underground,...". Yes yes yes.


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