Friday, July 08, 2005


GMTV is interviewing morning commuters riding the buses and trains; it is impressive how many seem to be doing this almost because of the bombings yesterday. Friday is a great day to work from home, but some people are choosing defiantly not to do so.
This cannot be the outcome the bombers wanted, though it is hard to see what they expected. They seem locked in the notion that all Western countries are like Spain, and, maybe, Canada (we have yet to be tested).
There is no election coming as there was in Spain, and nothing going on at the G8 was likely to matter much, despite Bono. If anything, Blair surely came through yesterday looking awfully good (as he ages, the English schoolboy part of him that I cannot stand, and must always try to ignore to listen to what he actually says, is fading).
There are minimal indications, actively being speculated on, that the bus bomb may have been set off by a suicide bomber (who was thwarted in his attempt to get into the tube - a very encouraging thought in some ways). This would be a very interesting development, and could lead to a whole new view in the softer West about what Israel has faced for years.


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