Friday, July 08, 2005

Two Narratives

Insightful readers will have observed that I have generally not subjected myself to the BBC this morning, but have been watching ITV's GMTV.
For balance (hah!) I have recently switched back to the BBC. The result is fascinating.
There is a major focus on the bus that was attacked in Tavistock Square. (This is an area of London I once knew quite well, as I once regularly visited friends in Bloomsbury, though that is neither here not there, except for making it so much more real to me.)
The GMTV scenario seems roughly the following. A nervous young person with a backpack got on the bus - first thoughts from GMTV are that he had intended to get into the tube, but security forces had closed the stations before he could get in, so he took the bus instead. This narrative includes the possibility that the bomb went off at the wrong time and the bus was never a real target.
The BBC scenario is that this was a brilliant ploy by the attackers - first hit the tube and then hit the buses when people have been diverted to them
It is utterly fascinating what different pictures these narratives paint of the competence of the murderers.
I cannot think of further comment. Nobody really knows right now but the form of speculation may be revealing.

By the way, further interviews on both channels feature constant re-iteration of the theme that we must not change anything we do, as that would let them win. I like and admire these people.

Oopss - Charles and Camilla are heading into a hospital to visit the wounded. OK I don't care much for them but it is a good thing they are doing.


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