Friday, July 08, 2005

The Morning After

The British are nothing if not plucky. The major focus of the BBC News, besides the obvious repetition of reports on yesterday's bombing, is detailed reporting of the available commuting services for the day. GMTV summarizes it as well - "the mood here is defiant and stoic".
This is of concern to me as I am working my way into London during the day, meeting a flight at Heathrow on the way. At first I thought I would have to educate myself on some new methods of making my trip, especially since my normal route goes through one of the tube stations that was hit, but as of ten minutres ago, the newsreader promised that essentially all services would be back up and going.
This is completely appropriate and excellent news.
It is clear the forensic work is underway seriously, though no information has been forthcoming so far. GMTV has quite a bit more speculation on details than the BBC, but it is clear there is nothing solid known publicly.
Christopher Hitchens has some first thoughts (and further thoughts here)!- and portrays well the pluck I mention above, and describes nicely the fundamental social and demographic problems here. (Hat tip - my sister).

UPDATE: Added second Hitchens link upon finding it.


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