Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Could I become a leftist or view myself so again?

Wow - I sure could if Chris Dillow and Owen Barder had anything to say about it!

Sadly what we have as the left here is going to George Galloway performances.

And pretty surely is against much of what these fellows propose. It would be nice to have a new idea considered, especially given the fairly obvious emptiness of most of those the 'left' is hot on.

For anyone really serious about some of this, Dillow's link to Roemer is interesting. My problem is I still find the notion of 'exploitation' a bit ridiculous


At 3:07 PM, Blogger BensonBear said...

Who cares what various soi-disant "leftists" such as Galloway (or more local goofs like David Suzuki or Naomi Klein) think? Why not try to develop a position based on principle instead of trying to be a member of some group defining itself with a crude and largely inarticulate ideology, which is often confused with personal interest on both "left" *and* "right"? Of course, principle (aside from facile principle such as the libertarian) does not imply a tractable inference to a position on each issue of policy that may arise, and knee jerk is always easier if one wants to be able to mouth off with joyful indignancy about such things.

And while the concept of exploitation may be essentially contested, it certainly isn't "ridiculous" in its best interpretations.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

bensonbear - you are right - the labesl are unimportant, only the positions matter and what alliances can be made out of them

Well, I also agree there are many sensible concepts of exploitation. Just not the one Brad deLong addresses. Which is, I still believe, the standard Marxist one.


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