Monday, December 19, 2005

Those Ancient Greeks!

My local cable TV is now running 'Troy' and 'Alexander' so I am able to enjoy all these tales, now played out for me on my TV screen.
Neither film is anywhere near so bad as I had anticipated.
Brad Pitt is an utterly perfect pouting Achilles in 'Troy', pissed off at the whole universe. Eric Bana's Hector is too good to be true, but that is what he should be. Helen is a slut - and so should she be. I recall movie reviews joking that this actress' face might be the face that launched 3 ships, but I would up the ante to more like 100. Let's leave the mythical Helen on another scale.
As for 'Alexander', I came in with incredibly low expectations. After all, it is an Oliver Stone film. And it is true that the dialogue and script are at their high points leaden.
But I am not finding it anywhere nearly as bad as anticipated (well, given that I knew it was Stone, and would be ponderous). Many reviewers laughed at Angelina Jolie but I find her perfect; Colin Farrell is less bad than the reviewers caused me to expect, though I will agree that he is pretty tedious, especially when getting philosophical. I am only partly through the film, so we shall see.
I shall update this post when I know more.
All I know for sure know is that this is way better than I would have expected from Oliver Stone. And I feel sorry for Colin Farrell, for all the bad jokes people made about his performance. He seems pretty good to me.


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