Friday, January 13, 2006

Desperate Liberal Talking Points - Us and Them

That was a howler. A short spot on Don Newman's show today (he must be in heaven now) - the Liberal candidate prattled on about the Conservative' "us and them" orientation, while suggesting the Liberals all regard all of us as a major happy family.
This is clearly nonsense. The biggest 'us and them' in the campaign at this point is the anti-Americanism of the Liberal ads. But "us and them" has to be a feature of any campaign. Do you want crime controlled - well, then the criminals are a 'them'.
The Conservatives have their platofrm out - so far I have not seen the press implode in its normal hope to discredit it all? What is happening?
And if you think that when I voted today I voted Tory go look closely at my voting post.
Colour-blindness would be a problem.


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