Friday, January 27, 2006

Four Things

I could not deal earlier with the 7x7 meme making its way by tag and declined my designation. My Curling co-blogger's non-tag seems quite civilized and I will respond to it.

Four Things

Four Jobs:
a) Grocery boy at an IGA (Canadian grocery store)
b) Civil service job copying old data cards onto new cards so downstream keyboarders can type the values for an on-line database
(this was the most mind-bendingly tedious task I can recall)
c) Apple-picker (those fresh Ontario McIntoshes are lip-puckeringly wonderfully tart, and I get excited every year as their season comes)
d) Tutor (in California, to wealthy Argentinian scions, at state expense, because they have Spanish surnames)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:

Swing Time
The Lady Eve

Four Places You Have Lived:
Berkeley, California
Oxford, England
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
(I have liked every place I have lived, despite the ....)

Four TV Shows You Like to Watch:
Law & Order
Politics (on CBC Newsworld hosted by the brilliant Don Newman)
Restaurant Makeover (competes with many sports)

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation:
Jasper and Lake Louise
Austin/San Antonio, TX
Middlesborough, England (to see Ella Fitzgerald live)
Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada
(this is hard - we don't do vacations - rather we travel near to business requirements)

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
My Yahoo
The Daily Ablution
My online banking page - sorry - no link

Four of My Favorite Foods
Blackened Catfish - learned about it in Austin, TX, and had some for lunch there yesterday!
Luebecker Marzipan (whoo)
Chicken with red pepper sauce (something my wife knows how to do)
Twice-Cooked Pork (as done by a restaurant I frequented in Berkeley 30 years ago)

Four Places I'd Rather Be
I love Toronto, but

London, Ontario, where my wife has her job
Walking along the Thames in London, England
Walking along the Seine (OK in Paris, France)
In the Vigeland Park in Oslo - what a stunningly wonderful life-affirming gathering of statues!

Four Albums I Can't Live Without
Well, there are not any.
My tastes are such that I can almost always find something that engages me on the radio or TV.


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