Friday, January 27, 2006

Landing Patterns

One of the great delights of living in the era I was born into is air travel; its effects are multiple, but one of the peripheral, and yet utterly delightful, effects is the unprecedented ability to get a different view of the world you live in day to day.
I have had delights on numerous flights, looking out from my window seat (I actually normally ask for an aisle seat, but fate has its ways); maybe top among them was a flight over Monument Valley (I am an enormous John Ford fan). (Later I might post on some stunning holding patterns over Manhattan and London, England.)
My flight home from Denver today was a superb opportunity to soak in a very familiar world from a very unfamiliar viewpoint. I started paying attention over Guelph (and it was easy to idnetify because of the Hwy 6 North junction with Hwy 401), and for the first time in all my many flights on similar routes, was later able to see the contour of the Niagara Escarpment all the way down into the Niagara Peninsula, and even better, the Milton Outlier.
Next we headed out over Mississauga and then over Lake Ontario and swung back around to the left so I got a lovely view of the CN Tower, Rogers Centre (quondam Skydome), downtown Toronto skyline, the neighbourhood where I live, my Ashbridge's bay jogging/walking turf, and the Bloor Viaduct (really a striking structure from above as well as below).
We were now looping northwest and soon I had the office complex where I work underneath me and at this point I had one great hope - might I get to see the new National Tennis Centre? And indeed I did!
And pretty much from there on in it is warehouses and hotel airports.
But what a great way to spend twenty minutes.
Does anyone else have favourite landing runs?


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