Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This is the equivalent of Henman's troubles at Wimbledon?

I am watching the Australian Tennis Open and Lleyton Hewitt (yeah his parents are weird spellers) is in danger of losing in the opening round to a guy with surname Vik, who is playing quite entertainingly.

The announcers just said what I quoted in the subject line and I thought .... Whoaaa Noooooo!

Tim Henman always seemed likable to me. Is there anyone who understands how anyone (other than parents, and for a while confused girlfriends) could like or cheer for Lleyton Hewitt? Baffles me that the crowd is actually NOT cheering for the Czech (Vik).

Tim Henman is attractive, and seems a genuinely decent guy. He has engaged more than just the British audiences for years because he seems to be a delightful fellow. Are tennis fans entirely indiiferent to this sort of thing? Maybe I am from a different generation. But to suggest that Hewitt is worthy of the cheering he gets and is somehow comparable to Henman .... aaarrgghh

BTW - seems Hewitt will win this puppy .... :-(
One thing I *do* admire in him is he does not give up.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Dan said...

I watched in fear for abit of the fourth set last night after the tie breaker that he might win. Got even more worried when it looked like he was coming back from 3-1 in that set. Slept relieved that he lost his poop and that he and bec can enjoy the rest of the open in privacy.


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