Friday, January 13, 2006

A new first! - a telemarketer hangs up on me

A couple of weeks ago my local Liberal candidate dropped by to do the usual hand-crunching; I found her quite charismatic, and was about to start talking about international affairs and my views on what Canada's role should in the war on Islamic terrorism, when she started enumerating the successful efforts of her government in funneling (quite likely useless to my mind) funding for various projects into our riding. It struck me we were on slightly different wavelengths - pork barreling into my riding had little interest to me. Oh well.
A bit revealingly, she asked if the Liberals could put a sign on my lawn. And I said 'Yeah!'. Today they are the only party without one on my lawn.Says something about the organization.
So tonight the phone rang and I picked it up. Someone calling from the office of my local Liberal candidate's campaign! So I explain - I have already voted (noonish today). Moreover, I started to try to explain, the main reason I found I could not vote for the Liberals was the appearance of those asinine scare ads. The poor girl at the other end of the line began to splutter. I asked. "Well don't you not want to know why I could not vote for your party?" And I got cut off.
This is a new and major first in my life! A telemarketer has hung up on me!
I feel proud.

UPDATE: The NDP have now called - they asked for me. I said I had already voted. They politely said good night.


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