Monday, February 20, 2006

Women's Hockey Award Ceremony Strangely Moving

I tend to be pretty cynical about the Olympics.

And yet. And yet.

It was hard not to watch the women's hockey awards ceremony and maintain my normal emotional indifference. Somehow it forced me to recognize internally how much work went into the efforts of all the teams. And how impressive The participants are. 11 of the 18 Americans are at Ivy League colleges. They have to do more than play hockey! The various mothers on all teams have had to maintain a very difficult balance.

It is not far off the problem the students who performed in the Merry Widow had to address. Chasing dreams is hard work. It is wonderful to watch those who have done it successfully. (It is even instructive sometimes to see those who have doen the same with less success.) But the triumph is a pleasure to watch.

As it was for me today. Congratulations to the wonen's hockey teams from Canada, Sweden, and the USA. And to all the others who have made sacrifices to entertain us by putting themselves on the ine at the Olympic Games.


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