Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What was the NY Times editor thinking?

I get the physical Sunday New York Times, and quite enjoy it. This weekend, it featured a column by Stanley Fish that was so fatuous I could not a) believe it was written by a human, and b) understand what the NY Times was doing publishing it. But it was so appalling I had no idea how to respond in any public way.
Fortunately, Brad deLong was not so inhibited and did the job nicely, with the usual touch of good humour as well, in this post.
deLong's telling point was what shocked me as I read the column.

Note that to Fish the problem with those he calls "liberals" is not that they are unwilling to die for their faith: it is that they are not willing enough to kill others--to "fight" for their faith, and to fight "to the death" for it. Fish admires rather than laughs at those whose theology is "Believe in a loving God, or die!" That's sad. That's perverted. That's funny.


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