Saturday, August 12, 2006

What are you Watching on the News Tonight?

There is a lot of press, especially on blogs, about ludicrously doctored photographs from the Lebanese front (Mr Green Helmet).
But to be honest, most people I talk to are completely unaware of the wonderful analysis Charles Johnson chooses to point to again in Richard Landes Pallyood video (this video ought to make you laugh your heart out or feel pained at the idiocies made of it in the west). Landes is a medievalist, well aware of the history of lying media (check out his publication history). He does great work here.
It is extremely sad to imagine a society in which this sort of nonsensical construction of reality substitues for reality. Not a good lesson for the kids. The guy in the gutter on the cellphone, the shots into the empty window, the sham of the doctor in Jenin (already fortuately exposed as fraud on Canadian TV) - these are no ways to build a civil society, and what this sadly proves is that a large part of the West has no interest in building such a world.


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