Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gene Upshaw has some class

Gene Upshaw was a member of one of my favourite NFL teams during the time I had a great enthusiasm for the sport.

K. C. Johnson, who continues to host one of the truly obsessive blogs, obsessive in a way I have often approved, in his case analyzing the appalling injustice done to members of the Duke lacrosse team accused of rape, points to some superb comments from Upshaw about his (Johnson's) co-authored book on this appalling case.

The post linked to is interesting, but Johnson is tireless, and has devoted much of his recent efforts to exposing the academic quality of a group of Duke academics who rushed to judgment against the innocent lacrosse players; their profile is a fascinating reflection of much of what has diluted respect for humanities research in the last decades.

Every campus I know much a bout features similar politically oriented authors of dubious research, with even more dubious quality. This is part of our apparently somehow repenting past sins. Repenting past sins is a good idea but it should be done right.



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