Monday, August 27, 2007

Well Justified Fear

I have described my history of growing up in a moderately repressive Christian environment that was in many ways annoying. But those guys are not the problem today and Dr Sanity made me laugh in this post.

Actually, I think I have a healthy, rational fear of a religion which has millions of adherents aggressively seeking my submission or death.

For most of my life, it seemed reasonable to ignore Islam, and I liked it that way.

If I had thought about Islam at all (and I didn't) it is likely that I would have been completely turned off to it; as opposed to being indifferent to it. Once, while I might suffer mild disgust when stories of the extremism of some of its believers would make headlines; frankly, I never understood enough about the religion to place the responsibility for such behavior onto the teachings of its priests or leaders.

Actually the initial thoughts I had about Islam were somewhat romanticized notions, taught to me by the Christians, about its beneficient effects in the pre-medieval and medieval period. I have since learned the story is not quite so nice but it has some merits. As Dr. Sanity says, "Islam and I got along famously".

I have not changed anything.

Something else has.

UPDATE: A medievalist has corrected me regarding what the pre-medieval period is now considered to be. There was no Islam then.



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