Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ellen Page - Woo Hoo

This young Canadian Maritime actress gets an Academy Award Nomination. I have not seen the performance for which she is nominated, but she was utterly stunning in the parts of Hard Candy and Mouth to Mouth that I did see.

The last time I found myself so impressed by a young actress it was the Natalie Portman of Beautiful Girls and The Professional - in a previous post I have described that actress as preternatural. I hope so much that Page's career does not descend, as Portman's has, into the uninteresting and unengaging.

One other Academy Award nomination was shocking to me. Sarah Polley gets recognized for her gross distortion of a wonderfully wicked short story. To turn lovely vinegar into sickening treacle is not something I would reward.


At 8:27 AM, Blogger vfreydis said...

Hi Al

I liked the movie she directed. Perhaps I was protected, by not having read the story. But I thought it was great!



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