Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ezra on Pardy vs Earle

Needless to say he finds it worse than ridiculous.

I lament this further loss of freedom and loss of common sense. I lament the fact that one thin-skinned radical lesbian activist is perpetuating the new stereotype of gays as intolerant of any criticism of dissent. I'm sure that EGALE would oppose this lawsuit, because they know it just looks bad, bad, bad on their community who themselves use trangressive art, including comedy, to deal with controversies. What do you think Rosie O'Donnell would have done -- whine to the government, or heckle back?

He has a good point here: just as Khurrum Awan and his confederate sock puppets have made a very bad name for parts of the Muslim community, so Pardy is going to make a bad name for parts of the lesbian community.

Reading McNaughton's decision cited in the link above is stunning - I love her notion of Ismail as a provider of 'services', in which she is utterly blind to the services a comedy club provides. That service is the opportunity for you to be insulted by someone on stage trying to offend you.

I imagine this may give Earle's career a small boost. I hope so.

As for the BC HRT, as Ezra says, it will make them the butt of lots more jokes.


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