Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Day After the Day Before

A week ago Saturday we noticed a thunderstorm happening. We closed the windows when they started rattling so we missed the real force of it.

On the next morning, wandering at the waterfront, it began to hit us that this was a pretty good thunderstorm after all.

We hit this tree:

It clearly did not run roots deep enough.

As we progressed, we found two further completely collapsed trees at the waterfront:

What amazed us the most was that this tree, a great friend to the beavers, was still standing:

(click to enlarge and look closely at the trunk at its lower level).
Later we hit another tree that had lost its head!

Quite a day and we did not really notice it at the time.
Worse, we looked into the backyard after the storm and were mystified that our milkweed looked like this:

Normally they stand up. :-) We simply did not get what had happened until the next day.

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