Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Next Generation

My deck peanut-hunters now include what I am pretty sure is a new visitor. This little creature:

This bird's personality is quite different from the others of its species who have been visiting lately and I began believing that this was the baby of the pair who have been around since the spring. This little fellow will sit happily in the tree letting me take pictures - the others would dart in and out of the scene so nervously that a successful photograph was close to a miracle.
One miracle did occur later as I caught this moment from a different bird (I am pretty sure).

Later still there was evidence at least that there is a new generation when three of them were on the deck together.
One other very interesting fact is that the bird at the top has no hesitation on how to whack a peanut open by pecking at it persistently. This was not well-known among the jays here a few months ago.



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