Monday, August 11, 2008

Taste of the Danforth

I generally hate leaving Toronto on weekends as there is always something entertaining happening.
One annual event that has grown in significance and participation is "The Taste of the Danforth", a celebration of a section of one of our streets settled by a couple of waves of Greek immigration during the political upheavals there from the 50s to the 70s (Andreas Panandreou taught in Toronto during this time).
The result has been a stretch of the avenue dominated by Greek restaurants and celebrated by the festival. Primarily it features Greek food, but not exclusively. Friday night I had a lovely stroll through the show, consuming along the way some chicken on a stick, corn on the cob (Greek? maybe, like tomatoes in Italy and potatoes in Ireland), and a little pastry filled with lamb spiced with rosemary (believably Greek!).
I took a few pictures.
Beyond the food there are several stages with music, a great attraction - the fusion of rock and traditional Greek is a joy, and there are lots of other forms featured.

It attracts a cross-section of generations:

It attracts lots of us non-Greeks (as does the food!).

Perhaps most delightfully, there is evidence the show may go on for several years.

And of course, this being Toronto, even a Greek food festival has to make concessions to coffee and donuts, and apparently to Fajitas!

I got a few hours of happy walking and people-watching, sampling some food and music and enjoying the summer weather (mercifully dry that evening).

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