Saturday, September 13, 2008

NDP Policy

I don't expect much of the NDP in recent years - though once there was a little heft, and occasional attempts to understand policy implications. So it was hardly surprising to see this press release from the campaign back home.
Layton outlined five practical measures to stop hidden fees and help consumers:
* End hidden fees with laws requiring full disclosure of charges by banks, cell-phone operators, and other companies. Including the unfair practice of charging more for cell phone text messages.
* Ban ATM fees.
* Stop price gouging at the gas pumps.
* Put a cap on interest rates and fees charged by ‘fringe banks’.
* Cap the interest rates on credit cards.

I was readying to post on this topic but David Reevely beat me to it, with this excellent post, rather wittily (but also to the point) titled NDP will eliminate bank machines, gas stations, credit cards, Layton promises.

(BTW-I do like the idea of full disclosure.)

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At 10:40 PM, Blogger Allan said...

Did I read that right?

The NDP will eliminate Layton promises?

That might finally be a reason to vote for them.


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