Saturday, September 13, 2008

TNR #3 - Janet Evanovich - Motor Mouth

What great timing to find this on sale at a Motorway service stop in the UK. The same smartass as in her Stephanie Plum novels, though this one centres around NASCAR and Alexandra Barnaby. The timing was perfect - I started reading it as all the Sarah Palin stuff hit the media, and Evanovich hits perfectly the spirit of the Palin world, which I think is at least a bit the NASCAR world.
The plot is ridiculous, and funny, but it really is hard to call her books crime novels. They are plays on American culture, and its staggering diversity, not the diversity they talk about in Universities and the HR departments of large organizations, but that on the ground.
She is ribald, skeptical, entertaining. Here a body is found in the back of a NASCAR trailer, and the consequences take us through south Miami, parts of North Carolina, but never Harvard or Yale.
I am posting these to help me in the future not buy this book again. For luggage weight reasons, I left it in the Meininger Ho(s)tel in Koeln.
If you move really fast they might let you take it!

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