Saturday, September 13, 2008

TNR #4 - Sophie Hannah - Point of Rescue

I was pleased on my trip to see Sophie Hannah's 'Little Face' available in almost all the bookshops I visited, but having read it, I was really looking for 'Point of Rescue'. I finally found that book, delightfully, at Heathrow, so I could buy it and read it while in Germany.
She is a very pleasant writer to read, with great sentences, and an overdose of delicate humour (no doubt the poet showing through). As in 'Little Face' the plot centres on identity confusions and child-rearing, in very interesting ways.
A mother appears to kill her daughter and herself, and this winds up connecting with the disappearance of another family, and a bit of an odd fling by one frustrated woman who rewards herself a little too much with some time off.
It was a delight to have Charlie and Simon back. I am curious to read the next book to see what becomes of their wedding 'plans'.
The plot I found a little too complicated for my reading style when travelling - a snippet here, a snippet there, etc. More trivial writers satisfy that need better. But I never really minded rolling back a few pages to remind me where we were, as each sentence is a lot of fun to read.
She left entertaining clues all over the place though in the end I did feel the identification of the villain was perhaps a bit of a deus ex machina.
But I will be back for the next one.

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