Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Road Pricing in the Bunker

I visited Singapore for three weeks almost twenty years ago, and was impressed at the time by what amounted to a congestion charge. It is no surprise to me to learn that, as technology has improved, they have apparently introduced Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), which I consider an excellent idea.

I learned about this from this post by Bryan Caplan, who also points to this wonderful YouTube video - it is worth watching, and got belly laughs from me.

Caplan's post is also interesting in the discussion of the psychology of Singaporeans regarding public policy. I met many very kind and friendly people, but the answer he describes to the question posed match perfectly my recollections of attitudes towards what the government was doing.

It was in Singapore as well that I was startled as a taxi-driver shouted "F**king Honkie" when feeling dissed by someone else out on the road. Of course it turned out he was referring to someone from Hong Kong, not me.

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