Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long Time Since I Had a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

It looks to me as if there is now a branch of the Philistine Liberation Organization in Los Angeles, and it is hosting a major event this weekend.

“The 1st 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational is the greatest combination of bravery and unnecessarily competitive cheese the world has seen since Neil Diamond’s 2008 world tour” says Tim Walker, the event’s founder and organizer.

In addition to the competition, KRAFT Singles will be on hand as the event’s title sponsor, offering up thousands of FREE grilled cheese sandwiches to the hungry masses.

Add to all this some cheese-themed poetry, comedy, cheesey music and exhibition cheese grilling and you have one of the more unique, entertaining and delicious events ever witnessed.

You have to register by tomorrow and book that trip to LA.
I sure hope none of the competitors uses real cheese.
Oh wait - that appears to be allowed:
The categories of competition will be as follows:

  • The Missionary Position: Any kind of bread, any kind of butter and any kind of cheese(or combination of cheeses) but no additional ingredients.
  • The Kama Sutra: Any kind of bread, any kind of butter, and any kind of cheese(or blend of cheeses) plus additional ingredients.
  • The Honey Pot: Any kind of bread, any kind of butter, any kind of cheese (or blend of cheeses), and any additional ingredients, but a sandwich that is sweet in flavor, or would best be served as dessert.

Still, it seems Donald Trump allows contestants who are not necessarily in favour of gay marriage, but is happy to have them eliminated simply for finding it out. So it might be dangerous to offend the sponsor.
h/t Al Dente


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