Monday, May 11, 2009

Dancing With the Stars, May 11. 2009 - Live-Blog

Opening dance by next year's pro candidates. It was O but I cannot tell them apart.
One celebrity to be tossed this week before next week's final.
Review of the Melissa/Tony foxtrot. id look pretty elegant. And Melissa's bit of the samba. Melissa promises more hip action tonight - excellent!
Gilles/Cheryl analysis. Gilles sure performs but Cheryl can find his faults. Cheryl has warned him to get his rise and fall right in today's waltz. Gilles says he is relieved that people missed their missed steps because of the performance aspect. Cheryl warns him again to perform at his best. Gilles says he likes Cheryl's cranky teaching style, and that he needs a boss like her to learn. Hmmm.
Shawn/Mark observe that the Paso Doble was Shawn's chance to prove she does not bubble perpetually, and she says she likes the fighting role in that dance.
Ty/Chelsie are reviewing their chequered past. He has improved, the frame is better, but he is not quite loose enough. He is a great "aw shucks" character.
Individual dances:
Melissa/Tony quick-step - a focus in practice on clear distinction of heel and toe for Melissa. Nice bouncy dance, great finishing spin.
Len - loves her feet at last, Bruno - wanted more exhilaration, Carrie-Ann - agrees with Bruno. Scores (always in order Carrie-Ann, Len, Bruno) 9-10-9 for 28
Gilles/Cheryl - waltz Focus of practice is on elegance with a special waltz coach for Gilles. Gilles seems a bit too restrained to me in this dance. But it sure was elegant!
Bruno - thought it perfect, Carrie-Ann - great fantasy expression, Len - standing ovation seated
Scores - 10-10-10 for 30
Shawn/Mark - tango - This seems a natural successor to the paso doble. Practice is a focus on lifts for the tango. Shawn needs to know when to jump so as to avoid being a dead weight. Lot of precise step with a little wobbling. Lifts seemed good too. As usual, the audience is happy (it always is).
Carrie-Ann - Shawn delivered the emotional content despite age, Len - unexpected maturity and intensity - best dance from Shawn, Bruno - liked her ferocity
Scores - 10-10-10 for 30
Ty/Chelsie - waltz Ty is honest about getting past a better dancer last week. The waltz should be good for him, especially a nice country waltz. He is having problems making this dance fluid, and is clearly missing some steps. He does get the rises and falls.
Len - A for effort - and it shows - there were glitches - fabulous, Bruno - he nearly dropped her - dance not smooth, Carrie-Ann - great personality and fan engagement - but there were wobbles and misses.
Scores - 8-9-8 for 25
OK that round of dances is done. Wonder what comes next?
A profile of the semi-finalists along with their second individual dances.
Melissa learned a Texas-tough mentality. Her Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader coach broke through her shyness. She says this show has been a great exhilaration after the down of the Bachelor. (Where she was very lucky and just dodged a bullet.)
The a cha-cha, which I quite liked!
Bruno - Need to sustain energy in cha-cha, Carrie-Ann - much better than the last dance, but I agree with Bruno, Len - liked it but not your best
Scores 9-9-9 for 27
Now a Bachelorette promo - ABC loves their tie-ins. Except because of Canadian practices I despise, we get an ad for Lost! Rather makes the continuity of the show somewhat compromised. The irony is that the Bachelorette is the Canadian from the Bachelor. Canadian practices (they may be rules) deny her this promotion. Nice job, dimwit Canadian broadcast industry. Unbelievable.
Gilles is from Cannes, and guys from France can be emotional and romantic. His Dad was a bakery owner - hard work ethic, which he has internalized. Came to America as a model and really wants to win.
Their salsa features his hips working pretty well. Looked pretty energetic and good to me.
Carrie-Ann - loved it - the best dance from Gilles , Len - wish I could score an 11, Bruno - should be in final
I have to assume 10-10-10 for 30 but the cable signal for this show went out. (All we missed was the scoreing.)
Shawn is a daredevil and picks things up forst - she was like that from a VERY young age. Coach says she is very determined and never gives up. She is grateful for her Iowa background.
Nice jive dance for her enthusiasm (as well as precision and athleticism). With a cute self-scoring finish.
Len - loved the fun feeling - but too much messing-about, Bruno - I like Shawn going wild and you sold it to me, Carrie-Ann - wonderful if a little heavy at the end
Scores 9-8-9 for 26
Texan Ty is a fourth-generation cowboy, and took to roping and riding, never having wanted toys. Approaches problems one day at a time. Knew dancing would be a giant stretch for him. His wife says he is macho and strong but tender and sweet. This profile will likely earn him some votes.
Wow - I am actually enjoying this samba though he cannot loosen those hips.
Bruno - brave effort, Ty - you are the MVP of this season, Len - it was a little out of control
Scores 8-7-8 for 23

I remain very impressed at how hard these celebrities are willing to work in domains where they are sometimes a bit like a fish out of water. Ty is a classically impressive example. I would never have expected him to be in the second-last week.



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