Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crow Lake

What a fine novel!
When it came out I heard interviews with the author and discussions of the book; this is one side effect of keeping CBC Radio One as your default setting in the car. I never bought it or bothered to read it.
A few weeks ago I had a drink with an old friend (she's not old, I'm old) and she gave me the book, well-leaved. I just finished and must say I enjoyed it greatly; this may have been partly because of coming from a small-town background (not so small as in the novel), and being part of a somewhat divided family (maybe more so than in the novel!), but I suspect the appeal is pretty universal. It is a lovely story about a woman finally learning to reevaluate her views of her past.
I also learned a lot about biology from this novel! And I love the idea that a key contributor to the content was the book "Animals of the Surface Film".


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