Monday, June 08, 2009

The Utterly Stunning Shakira

Nobody who sees my sidebar or knows me misses the fact that I am an utter fan of the artist Shakira.
A very complicated article in the NY Times Magazine last weekend commits me even more to her, but largely by making her much more complicated.
I came to know about her when I was trying to learn a little Spanish many years ago before a planned trip to Spain, and the Shakira I discovered was an apparently modest young woman who wrote very subtle and sad lyrics about emotional life. But as she has changed I have remained an utter fan.
I have paid no attention to her career now for likely five years and this article makes me want to rediscover her.
The article strikes me as jubilant and melancholy at the same time and it saddens me that she feels so much of the latter. She is also clearly just a flat-out good person!
I plan no major change to the music part of my sidebar!


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