Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mortarboarding - Smart Coinage, and One Smart Mother

Bert Prelutsky may be a little more extreme than I might be in this, but the coinage of the word 'Mortarboarding' is lovely, and this passage is terrific:

One of my readers, Penny Alfonso, of Glendale, California, shared a conversation she had with her daughter. “I told her I won’t pay the tuition for any classes that end in the word “studies”. I have also told her that while I have no right to tell her how to think, if she comes home hating America and spewing the lies of the leftists, I will tell her I love her, and that she has the right to believe whatever she wants to believe, but I don’t have to pay for it. In the 20 years of her life, if she’s learned nothing else, she has learned that I am completely serious about this.”
If more parents adopted this attitude, the state of education would improve in a hurry. The lefty professors want to mold young minds, but the administrators just want your money. So use your clout where it counts. Adopt Mrs. Alfonso’s declaration as a Bill of Parental Rights.

I think Penny is right. There is no program with a name ending in 'studies' that is other than some promotional scheme.


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