Monday, August 31, 2009

Note to Self - Here's Who to Boycott

Reminder why.
Grey Goose - costless - vodka all tastes thesame
Wendy's - not too costly - lots of substitutes
JVC - no problem - lots of other companies making similar gorp
RONA - Home Depot is fine
Coke - never touch the stuff
Touch of Grey - never touch the stuff
AXE Hair Goop - not a problem!
Montana's - rats, have to stop the weekly meals!
Arby's - have not eaten there in 20 years - this boycott is almost costless to me! - don;t even know what it is
Budweiser - don't drink it
IBM - I have no business so that should be easy
Advil - no sweat
Harvey's - I sure hope no McDonald's ad shows up


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