Thursday, September 24, 2009

Millerbabble at a New Level

The gall just gets more and more amazing.

Today reporters gathered en masse at the opening of the 3-1-1 call centre at Metro Hall to ask Mayor David Miller what he knew about the audit mistake. Handlers placed him behind a plexiglass podium half-way up the tall pink granite staircase, and he took only a few questions.
“The figure used during the strike was precisely accurate,” he said. “$140-million was the total we owed CUPE members in sick days.” As for the bigger number, he said, “I was aware that Mercer had made an error.”

Precisely accurate! Is this lying or is it completely unselfconscious self-deception?
I especially love The Miller's response to motions from council to discuss this.
That motion goes to council for debate next week, though the mayor won’t be there; he’ll be in California at an environmental conference.

Could he possibly win another election? Maybe even John Tory could beat him now (hey, I like John Tory).


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