Monday, November 09, 2009

The Amazing Race - the last two weeks

The eliminations seemed very weird to me.
Two yearsweeks ago Mika would not perform the completely simple task of sliding down a water-slide - I can understand the fear at some level, but not when roughly twenty people had just gone ahead and done it.
It makes me wonder how the show hires couples. I know both SillyWife and I would have been willing to do that slide for the prospect of a million dollars. Did Mika get signed on because they knew of her fear? If so, I think she needs a lawyer.
And then last weekend broke my heart; I actually liked the poker players, despite their natural trend to duplicity. The poker players were both cute. But faced with two tasks that required one to develop a swing, neither could find it over several repeated attempts. This was in utter contrast to Meaghan, who started the 'golf' with no idea what to do, and figured it out after about a half dozen swipes.
One wonders what the producers want and contrive to exclude.
Who recruited these incompetents?
Still, it is a show that plays on skill, and I love that.


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