Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dancing With the Stars Season 9 Outcome

I cannot complain too much (and I do not disagree with Rondi's earlier cheering). I would have voted for Donny Osmond had I bothered to vote; he is just a charming fellow.
I suspect Mya suffered because a lot of viewers are like me and have no idea who she is and so no major reason to vote for her despite her clear dancing superiority; that is not what this is about.
Were the first seven seasons this much fun? I started watching only last year and have to admire the wit of the production team. It must be a very inexpensive show to produce as so few of the celebrities are known to me before the show. And some of the most famous, like Kelly Osbourne, are known only for worse reality shows. (I am VERY glad ABC involved her this year and she has been a treat to watch.)
I confess to totally enjoying the returns of the early round losers.
And the coaching session with Donny was really quite funny. Americans are awfully good at this kind of humor, in ways other cultures fail at badly. (We Canadians have a VERY mixed capability by comparison.)
The return of the Woz, Cloris, and Tom Daschle was good for a giggle.
As I watch this show now, what I most love is that these great dancers have a source of income.
In the end Donny Osmond's win is also Kym Johnson's, and she was fabulous. I loved them both. "I've got a boob on my back" - (I confess to being more taken by the ones on the front.) And she's an Aussie, like a couple of my nieces! No regrets at this outcome.
But Kelly made me cry, and it is very strange to find myself being so moved at the sight of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne being so moved. And the judges agreed utterly.


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