Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Defence of Adam Giambrone - No, not Me - Other People

As I have been driving about a fair bit the last couple of days and occasionally watching local news, I keep seeing and hearing discussions of whether Adam Giambrone should continue as chair of the TTC.
Those who defend him frame their response roughly this way: "His personal and sexual life should have no bearing on his public positions". That may or may not be the case (I actually don't agree).
But this is hardly the issue. What has been exposed is that this is a man who is simultaneously a major narcissist (likely normal in such jobs), arrogant (also likely common), and profoundly stupid (less common).
My own and only real concern is the stupidity.
Let's look back; you have a mistress and you have told her you are living with your brother, and leave it open for her to think you are otherwise unattached. You then decide to appear all over in Toronto (where she lives) media announcing your candidacy with some other woman identified as your 'partner' and you think that things will just go on as before?! Stupid.
This is what disqualifies this little creep from any future role in public affairs. I want those who continue to defend him to frame it around his stupidity, and, even, willingness to be completely duplicitous to people close to him.
Nothing to do with his personal life.
I must say as well that yesterday's press conference proves he is VERY POOR at handling stress. Let's get serious - Clinton could produce "It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is", and this guy is a little crybaby who runs away.
Of course even funnier is having Howard Moscoe praising his job as TTC Chair. Yeah, right, Howard. You'd be a good judge.


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