Thursday, May 06, 2010

CNN Can Be So Cute

In a clear attempt to rationalize they are running one of their little bottom of the screen headlines saying "Shahzad thought Islam was under attack"!
This just seems too funny to me. Over my whole life, I have felt my atheism was under attack.
The number of times I even thought of planting a major car bomb in Times Square? Zero!
Oh wait we need to apply this to where I live - let's try King and Bay in Toronto. Hmm still Zero! In fact I know nobody who has felt his or her religion under attack to plan to blow that intersection up.
No wait! I am wrong. I know of a lot of people. All Muslims, surely coincidentally.
UPDATE: Even funnier, CNN now reports on that headline effort that the Times Square bombing is cited as a reason for tighter gun laws? Huh? I see tighter bomb laws? But surely if more people had guns more people could have shot the bomber?!


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