Wednesday, May 05, 2010

That Fearsome Anti-Muslim Backlash

As Rondi points out, our rather brain-dead journalists seem to be terribly worried that if the obvious is mentioned I will go knock down that minaret I like so much in my neighborhood. The minaret, like the high points of many neighborhood churches, are all attractive features of structures that mean nothing to me spiritually, since I have no idea what 'spiritually' means, other than being amazed at the awesomeness of what cosmology and the theory of evolution suggest to me.
Look! I have not done it yet nor have any of my neighbors. The problem here is with the Muslims who keep trying to blow me up (generically as an infidel, or actually even others as inconvenient co-religionists - hell, they were there and we needed to make a statement), not the potential backlashers (who have yet to show any signs of lashing back, despite multiple attacks). I have no wish to blow them up at all. Generally they're pretty cool, with a unique fashion sense, and their own approach to slaughter of animals, and then making pizza from the dead animals.


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