Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mad Men Barbies?

What an awesome idea! Here is an interview with the designer.
The answer to the question of why the initial set includes Don, Roger, Betty, and Joan:
We wanted it to be a nice grouping of characters that were representative of the show, both in terms of costume and in terms of the look of the doll. Of course, since it's Mad Men, it's a very male-heavy cast but it was important for it to be more than Don Draper surrounded by Barbie dolls and I thought that Roger was a really nice yin to Don's yang and they represent two distinct looks which is nice for the collectors and fans of the show. They don't want two dolls that seem too similar. And for the women, that was easy, the only downside was that we haven't done Peggy. Yet.
That 'yet' made me feel a lot better.
h/t Basket of Kisses


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